Birds Removal Services In Calgary Alberta

As we all know over the past 4000 years many kinds of birds were friendly with the human race all over the world in many countries. In many ancient cultures some of  them were considered as holy and been protected by many believers, however today the story is totally different as some of them invaded to our property and becoming nuisances to people throughout the Calgary area. At DR Exterminators we know how to provide you fast solutions for your birds problem, and our traditional way of work can be harmless and even friendly toward those lovely animals. From electric track to a steal spike, you can be sure that our experts will deliver you an “invisible” way of taping almost any bird and specially pigeons and we work with the best products in the trade.

Which Birds In Calgary We Can Relocate Or Control?

  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Crows
  • Woodpeckers

In What Way We Work?

Sometimes we really appreciate our relationship with birds, as they can help us to get rid of insects in our area. However when they are gathering in large numbers, many of pest control companies in Calgary might considered then as a risk to both your home or business, bur with our experience and our human approach can do the job right.

Some Techniques We Use During Our Service

  • Netting
  • Shock Tracks
  • Slide, wire, Coil and and many other materials.
You Are In Good Hands!

don’t let any bird destroy your roof and protect your health from bacteria clean air and keep your property quiet as it used to be before they came. At DR Exterminators we can offer you free estimates anywhere in Calgary, and for your home needs we can provide you safe and green bird removal service. You are more then a welcome to contact us at anytime during our business hours and we will make sure that the last bird that you might see is your chicken in your fridge! Contact us today for low cost anti-bird service!