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Tired of wasps in your home or garden? No more worry! We are here to assist you. If you are experiencing a large number of wasps such as bees, hornets etc in your home and searching for high-quality pest control services, look no further than DR Exterminators. We are one of the most renowned and experienced wasp exterminators in Calgary.

Our Wasp Control Services Include:

If you are finding a large number of bees or hornets in your home, there might be a wasp nest nearby your place. These wasps can bite you or your family member and the result can be painful and even life threatening.

A single wasp (bumble bees, yellow jackets, hornets) nest contains a large number of wasps. We believe in removing wasp nest from the roots. For this, our exterminators first locate the nest and then use different techniques to remove it.

Discovered wasp nest near your home? call us right away!

  • Bumble bees

These bees are used as pollinators for agricultural purposes. They are fluffier than honey bees. If you are worried about bumble bees flying near your home, don’t wait to call us! Our professionally trained exterminators will locate and remove the nest and make sure that the bees will not return back.

  • Yellow Jackets

These bees are more attracted by the odor of sweet beverage, soda, perfume, bright colors and become most problematic in humid weather. As the name suggest, they are yellow and black in color and are of length just half an inch.

If you are facing yellow jackets inside your home or in the garden, you need not worry! Just make a call and our skilled exterminators will reach your place right away to deal with the issues.

  • Hornets

These bees are usually red and black in color and form a large approx. 14 inches and round shaped paper nest. Their stings are more painful than any other wasp stings. The best way to deal with hornet bees is to locate and eliminate their nests. Their elimination may require a professional exterminator. Free feel to call us!

Our exterminators are highly skilled and professionally trained to offer premium wasp extermination services.

We offer wasp extermination service to both residential and commercial sectors. We highly recommend that homeowners/ office staff should stay away from the area we treat till we complete our procedure.

Get the peace of mind by hiring professionally trained wasp exterminator in Calgary like us! No matter where you are staying in Calgary or in Chestermere, Okotoks, Airdrie, Cochrane, we are fully geared up to serve you.

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